Four Things To Know About Sizing Your Shoes To Keep Your Feet Healthy

3 December 2019
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The health of your feet is significantly impacted by how well your shoes fit. Your podiatry doctor is a good source of information on shoe sizing. Podiatrists can help you to prevent injuries and deformities from developing in your feet due to poorly fitting shoes that don't support the feet adequately. The following are four things to know about sizing your shoes to keep your feet healthy and avoid foot injuries: Read More 

3 Ways To Alleviate Foot Pain After Surgery Without Opioid Medications

22 August 2019
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If you have certain types of foot problems, a podiatrist may recommend that you have surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately, some pain after surgery is something to be expected, and opioid medications are a common prescription after surgery to help patients with pain. Due to a high rate of dependence development, many podiatrists are working to avoid prescribing opioids after surgery or at least prescribe them for emergency pain only to avoid creating a dependence on them. Read More