3 Ways To Alleviate Foot Pain After Surgery Without Opioid Medications

22 August 2019
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If you have certain types of foot problems, a podiatrist may recommend that you have surgery to correct the problem. Unfortunately, some pain after surgery is something to be expected, and opioid medications are a common prescription after surgery to help patients with pain. Due to a high rate of dependence development, many podiatrists are working to avoid prescribing opioids after surgery or at least prescribe them for emergency pain only to avoid creating a dependence on them. Read More 

When Should You Replace Your Athletic Shoes?

8 February 2018
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Athletic shoes can get really expensive, especially if you wear them out quickly. Wearing worn out shoes though can be an expensive mistake on your part. Worn out shoes can cause all types of podiatric health problems including ankle injuries or foot fractures. Sometimes you may not even realize your shoes should be replaced. See below for tips and information to help you know when to replace your athletic shoes. Read More 

It’s Not Just Aching Feet: Foot Pain Symptoms You Should Address

22 September 2016
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Although most people will experience some type of foot pain occasionally, it shouldn't stick around. When you're dealing with persistent or severe pain, it's important to understand when you should be concerned. Here are a few of the symptoms that you should be attentive to and discuss with your doctor. Tingling, Numbness, And Persistent Infections Sores, infections, and loss of feeling in your feet is often the result of poorly controlled diabetes. Read More 

4 Types Of Pain You Can Get In The Ball Of Your Foot

30 March 2016
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If you are experiencing pain when you walk in the forefront of your foot, one of the conditions below may be causing this pain.  #1 Plantar Plate Tear A plantar plate tear occurs when fibrous band at the joint of your foot is compromised. These fibrous band at the joint of your foot is responsible for keeping your foot stable.When it tears, you will experience pain around that toe as well as swelling. Read More