When Should You Replace Your Athletic Shoes?

8 February 2018
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Athletic shoes can get really expensive, especially if you wear them out quickly. Wearing worn out shoes though can be an expensive mistake on your part. Worn out shoes can cause all types of podiatric health problems including ankle injuries or foot fractures. Sometimes you may not even realize your shoes should be replaced. See below for tips and information to help you know when to replace your athletic shoes.

Look At The Sole

If you notice the sole of the shoe is worn down, it should be replaced. Soles can wear out evenly at times, which may be harder to tell, but the design on the bottom will not be as recognizable, or the sole may not be as thick as it used to be. If you walk unevenly, you may even spot the sole is worn out on one side and not on the other. If you spot an uneven sole, the shoes should be replaced. If you see that the soles are worn down in any way at all, the shoes should be replaced. Worn out soles means that the shoe has lost some of the cushion and support, which can cause foot or ankle injuries.

Test The Outer Portion

If the back of the shoe is worn down (from sliding them on), or if you are able to easily bend the sides of the shoe, you should replace the shoes. This means you will easily be able to roll your foot and could end up with a twisted ankle. Your entire foot should be protected and supported in your athletic shoe. The insole, sole and outer portion of the shoe should all be in good shape and supportive.

Check The Insole

The insole of the shoe should be in good shape. If it is worn out in the toe or heel, slipping or too thin, it could be causing problems for your feet including toe strain, blisters, corns and other problems. You can replace the insole, but if the insole is in bad shape, the rest of the shoe could also be in bad shape. 

Other Tips:

  • Replace your shoe if you work out in them often. Running or walking numerous miles in your athletic shoes means they are quite worn, replace them.
  • Invest in new shoes if your shoes are worn out due to just being old. Shoes can be worn out from sitting too long, as humidity or dry air can cause the shoe to breakdown.

Don't wait until your soles are flapping or the insoles are as flat as pancakes. Replace your athletic shoes long before this time to ensure your feet are properly supported while doing what you love to do. Talk to your podiatrist about other helpful tips about your footwear to prevent athletic injuries. For more information, visit websites like http://www.elmhurstpodiatry.com.